New and Improved: Bing Ads Editor

A few months ago I was lucky enough to be involved in a couple rounds of research and testing for the new Bing Ads Editor, or what we at Point It call, BAE. ♥   I was able to give the developers some direct feedback on things that worked well in the current Bing Ads Editor and things that were really frustrating and needed improvement.  If you worked in the previous editor, you know that the layout was not as user friendly, and things were at times hard to view.  The editor was also very glitchy and making mass edits could be a real pain.  A lot of these issues have been resolved, and the tool is more useful than ever!  If you haven’t already, look at upgrading to the new one.


Cleaner Views

  • As with any new version, things look and feel cleaner, and this was no exception.  The layout, color scheme, and general appeal of the tool have greatly improved.



New Bing Ads Editor Header

Old-BAE-Navigation (1)

Previous Bing Ads Editor Header

  • One of the things that really bothered me about the previous editor is that the paused campaigns would not be separated from the active ones.  They would instead be grayed out in alphabetical order.  This has been fixed in the new editor, and makes the overall tool cleaner and easier to use.

Better Navigation

  • One of the main things that changed is how the navigation between Campaigns, Ad Groups, Keywords and Ads are viewed and found.  Previously, they were shown in a tab format, it was hard to see up front what you were working with in your account
New Bing Ads Editor Navigation

Old Bing Ads Editor Navigation

Multiple Accounts At One Time

  • Finally! Agencies love this feature. It can be very frustrating to hop back and forth between accounts, and logging out can take up valuable time.  You can now work different accounts at once, which makes handling multiple clients easy!

Faster Response Time, Less Glitch

  • The previous editor sometimes took a long time to load and switching between campaigns and ad groups could cause serious issues.  Accidentally keeping your mouse too long on a Campaign or Ad Group while switching between them could result in deleting or duplicating items.  While it’s lucky that you are not making these changes live, just try to not panic while you figure out how to reverse what you just did!   The new editor works much faster, and doesn’t seem to freeze up and potentially delete or duplicate things.  This is definitely a stress reliever!


Maybe Next Time BAE…

There are still a few things that this latest and greatest editor version are missing in my opinion.  If anyone on the product team is reading this, I am always happy to give my feedback!

  • Selecting multiple campaigns/ad groups from the side navigation
  • Copy and Pasting ads into multiple ad groups at one time
    • Currently you can copy and paste into one Ad Group at a time.. You could also use the “make multiple changes” and create an excel file to upload your new ads, but copy and paste would be nice
  • Labels…
    • Okay I know this isn’t an editor specific thing, but… please?

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Allison Danforth is a Paid Search Client Manager at Point It. When not knee deep in excel pivots, Allison enjoys kickboxing, wine, and seeing every classic rock god in concert.

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