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Yahoo Gemini

Digital marketers utilizing Yahoo’s Gemini Ad management platform are no doubt waiting anxiously for new features and functionality to be implemented in the Gemini UI. Presently we are unable to seamlessly target mobile search queries and thus unable to serve mobile optimized ad copy and content.  However, while we wait for that functionality we can utilize dynamic URL parameters to optimize our content and our consumer’s experience when they are interacting with that content.

Now what exactly are dynamic parameters? They are dynamic place-holding strings of text with values that are set in real time as they fire in search queries. The most common use of dynamic parameters are in ad titles. There titles are generated dynamically to mirror the search terms used by the consumer.

What people may not know is that these parameters can be added to almost all aspects of search ad creative.  In the case of Gemini mobile targeting, we’ll need to insert the string into the destination/final URL. So that as users search from a mobile device they can be sent a specific ad that goes to a specific landing page.

When these specific parameters are applied to landing page URLs they are referred to as Tracking Macros. And tracking macros can only be applied to landing page URLs. The intention here is to track the clicks into the specific dynamically placed URL.

In our example we will be implementing the {ifphone:string} command. By inserting the string into the landing page URL like this, ad.landingUrl=url.com?chl={ifphone:m}{ifnotphone:p}, we can dynamically send mobile users and desktop users to different landing pages based on the incoming elements user’s search. For instance, the users full search term, keyword match type, and the user’s device is all determined and through a combination of those elements an ad is dynamically generated with a specific URL to match the device type of the user.

In addition to the mobile targeting dynamic parameter, Yahoo offers a wide array of different dynamic parameters that are supported and can be implemented on the search network and the Yahoo native search network. You can target specific keyword match types and specific networks such as search versus native.

As search marketers we are always looking for creative and efficient ways of improving our ad, keyword, and campaign performance. By delivering customized content we can anticipate and spur performance like click through rate, conversion rate as well as quality score.

Though mobile targeting very well may be an aspect of the Gemini platform in the future, fully utilizing the myriad of dynamic parameters to customize your content across accounts and engines can give any campaign a relevancy boost. For more information on fully integrating the parameters into your content and user experience visit the link below!




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