Dynamic Remarketing – Steps to Remarket Like a Pro

Dynamic Remarketing is an effective and often profitable way to reach visitors of your site who may have not converted for one reason or another. With Dynamic Remarketing, you’re able to serve highly targeted, dynamic ads to users who have already expressed interest in your product, therefore making them a higher value user.  While it may seem complicated at first, leveraging Dynamic Remarketing as part of your Digital Strategy can result in brand lift, additional conversions, and revenue you may have otherwise left on the table. To get the most out of your Remarketing efforts I’ve provided a few key steps and tips below for maximum performance and to ultimately remarket like a pro.

Pixel Implementation and Setup

In order to setup Dynamic Remarketing there are a few things you need in place before you get started. First, are you a Realtor or a Retailer? What business type you select will affect the way you set up your campaigns, so make sure you select the correct business type right off the bat. Next, if you are a retailer, you will need to link your AdWords and Merchant Center Account. I recommend ensuring your feed is robust, fully compete, and the data is as high-quality as possible before setting up Dynamic Remarketing. Finally, you need to tag your site, which is arguably one of the most important steps in the setup process. The tag must be added to every single page of your site, so if you’re using a container tag or GTM this should be a quick update.

Selecting the Right Audiences

Once you have the tag in place, you can begin building the audiences you want to target. Choosing and segmenting your audiences is very important, and it will allow you to vary your content and make sure you’re showing the correct or similar products to the right users. For example, if you’d like to target cart abandoners only, audience segmentation will make this possible. Or, let’s say you want to target visitors of a certain brand or product, you’ll want to make sure you have a separate audience for this as well. Lastly, make sure you’ve created a list for Converters. If your product has a long sale cycle, I’d avoid retargeting a converter over and over again. Could leave a bad taste in their mouth, and you may have lost a repeat customer just like that.

Frequency Caps

With Dynamic Remarketing the idea is to be visible, but you also don’t want to overexpose yourself. To combat this I recommend to always leverage a frequency cap. If a user comes to your site one time, and doesn’t convert, I guarantee they aren’t going to want to see your ad everywhere they go. Overexposing your ads can decrease campaign performance, and users may completely ignore your banners. Your brand may also come across as creepy and the user will feel digitally stalked, which is the idea in theory, but you can absolutely take it to a new level without frequency caps in place.

Compelling Creative

If you’re a retailer, your feed will take care of the images themselves (make sure they’re high quality) but I generally recommend keeping your ads as simple as possible. Some of the templates in GDN try to cram as much information as possible and the ads end up looking cluttered and well, cheap. Select a very simple template, and make sure you’re leveraging every ad size available. Not all sites on GDN support every ad size, so make sure you are leveraging them all for maximum exposure. And not all ad templates are created equal, so make sure you devote resources to making high-quality and visually appealing ads.

Dynamic Remarketing, when leveraged correctly, is a simple and effective way to drive incremental conversions and revenue you may have otherwise missed out on. Also, keep in mind that your Dynamic Remarketing performance is only as good as your campaign setup, so remember to take time to develop your strategy. Lastly, remember to regularly analyze and measure your results for optimal performance. If you haven’t added this to your Digital Marketing tool box yet, now is the time to start. Hopefully the tips above helped, and you’re ready to remarket like a pro!

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