Essential Excel Shortcuts to Make Your Life Easier

Awhile back we posted a blog titled Excel Tips and Trick for a Successful and Efficient Data Analysis, because it was well received, we wanted to follow up with additional tips and tricks to continue to make your life in Excel easier.

While it is essential to know some of the most useful Excel formulas such as vlookup, concatenate, len, etc., what are some simple shortcuts to save us time while navigating the many excel workbooks? If you use these shortcuts in conjunction with the Excel Tips and Tricks, you will be on your way to mastering and optimizing your time in Excel in no time!

Please Note: The plus sign “+” means the keys should be pressed simultaneously



Shortcut Action
Ctrl + a Select all
Ctrl + z Undo
Ctrl + y Redo
Ctrl + n Open new workbook
Ctrl + s Save the current workbook
F2 Edit a cell
Ctrl + f Display the “find” box
Ctrl + h Display the “find and replace” box (see example image below)



Shortcut Action
Ctrl + Tab Move amongst different workbooks
Ctrl + PgUp (Move Left)

Ctrl + PgDn (Move Right)

Tab between worksheet in same workbook
Ctrl + Arrow Button Quick page navigation, move to very bottom, top, right or left of the workbook. Assuming there are no blank cells in the data (if there is it will go to the last data filled cell before the blank).
Shift + F10 Pop open the right-click menu (see example image below)



Shortcut Action
Ctrl + t Create table, select data you want included in table
Alt + Enter Insert new line within a cell
Dbl Click Worksheet Tab Rename a worksheet

Ex. Dbl click “Sheet 1”, change to “Mar”

Highlight column(s) &

Dbl click right border

Auto adjust the width of a column(s) to accommodate the largest entry
Ctrl + Shift + 1 Formats the data as number format with two decimals
Ctrl + Shift + 2 Formats the data in your selected time format
Ctrl + Shift + 3 Formats the data in your selected date format
Ctrl + Shift + 4 Formats the data in your selected currency
Ctrl + Shift + 5 Formats the data as a percentage
Dbl Click Copy format into multiple cells, click on format painter again to turn it off
Ctrl + Shift + L Filter columns (see example image below)



Shortcut Action
Ctrl + ` Display formula in a cell

Type shortcut again to conceal formula

Alt + = Automatic/quick sum
Tab Autocomplete function name. Ex. Start typing =conc (hit tab) and “=concatenate(“ will populate (see example image below)


Again, these are just a few shortcuts to help become a power Excel user. Once you feel more comfortable with these, don’t be afraid to branch out to leverage even more shortcuts available. And, don’t forget to utilize and combine your newly learned shortcuts with the Point It Excel tips and tricks.

Happy Analyzing!

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