Evan Barocas featured on MediaPost: Programmatic Transparency


“What is placed most at risk when agencies are not transparent is the confidence brands have in programmatic.”

Evan Barocas, our Director of Display, wrote an illuminating article on the importance of agency transparency for programmatic ad buying that was published on MediaPost this week! His observations transparency as an investment,mindset and a commitment to agency clients is resonating with the MediaPost audience.  Here are a few highlights from this popular article:

  • Team expertise is key to agency transparency. If your team doesn’t under the the “how” and “why” of DSPs, and DMPs, remaining in control of the budget can be challenging
  • The technology you invest in should reflect your commitment to transparency.
  • Make sure your client understands the value of transparency by educating them on the importance.

If you haven’t run across the article, we encourage you to pop over there and read “Programmatic Transparency or Bust: The Agency Roadmap” at MediaPost.  If programmatic ad buying is something you’re investing in, it makes sense to understand if you’re leaving money on the table.

What’s next?

Take a look at our webinar on The Myths and Realities of Programmatic Display.  It’s got some other great insights from Evan!

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