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Mid-last month, Facebook launched its Ad Relevance Score, a new feature that will eventually affect all ads running on the platform. The score, which is designated by an algorithm used to determine how relevant an ad is to users, is a number on a scale from 1 (not relevant) to 10 (very relevant).

To those familiar with Search advertising, this should sound familiar; it sounds like the Facebook version of Quality Score.


How it’s Determined

The idea, of course, is to reward ads for being relevant. To that effect, Facebook’s algorithm will evaluate ads based on expected audience response. If users are expected to like or share the ad, the Relevance Score will increase. If they’re expected to hide the ads from their newsfeeds or request not to receive ads from that company, the score will decrease. It will also take the ad objective—clicks to site, custom event pixel fires, etc.—and the rate of completion into consideration.


How this Affects You

This addition is helpful for a handful of reasons. As advertisers, we’ll be paying less for ads with high scores, since Facebook will be rewarding those ads. The most exciting part for me is that we’ve always known there was something other than bids and reach that factored into our ad delivery, and this insight is the closest we’ve gotten to figuring out what that is.

The downside is obvious: if your ad has a low score, delivery will suffer across the platform. If you run into this issue, Facebook suggests a handful of ways to improve the user experience, most of which advertisers could have guessed: modifying targeting, testing new creative, ensuring messaging has a clear CTA, and so forth.


Show me!

You can find your scores in the Reporting or Campaigns (Ads view) in Ads Manager. Your ad will need at least 500 impressions in order to generate a score. Scores are assigned solely at the ad level, so as with Search, there’s no way to see an aggregate score at the ad set or campaign level within the dashboard. Clicking into any ad will give you access to a brief breakdown of its Relevance Score:

Ad Relevance Score(Image credit: Facebook)

If you don’t see ad scores on your ads now, don’t panic—as usual, Facebook is rolling the feature out globally over a period of time. At this point, only some of our accounts have started showing scores. For the ones that have, Relevance Score is my new favorite metric to look up.

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