Five Years on the Inc. 5000 List of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies

Five Years. Point It has been honored to be on the Inc. 5000 list of America’s fastest-growing private companies for five consecutive years.

Those years have seen incredible growth both in digital marketing and here at Point It. As the digital space has become ever more specialized and complex, we’ve expanded from Paid Search & SEO into Analytics, Paid Social, Shopping Feeds, and developed an industry leading position in Programmatic Advertising. Point It’s culture of developing expertise, transparency, and partnership with clients has provided a strong foundation from which to build tremendous growth. With over 100 years of combined experience, not only is the Point It brand award winning, but our employees are renowned industry experts around the country. As we look back, we wanted to share the perspective of some of our senior leaders on what it’s been like to watch Point It grow into the leader that it is today:


Lisa Sanner, VP of Search Marketing who has been at Point It for over 10 years shared her perspective –

“It is such an honor to see the hard work of our team pay off with this national recognition, being named by Inc. in the top 5000 fastest growing private companies for the fifth year.  I’m so proud of our team.  Having been with Point It for over 10 years, I’ve seen our company evolve and grow over time.  I can remember saying “wouldn’t it be nice to work for a company that is nationally recognized and is also a great place to work?”  That vision has become, and continues to be, a reality. It hasn’t always been easy- there have been long hours, long days, long weeks, and the inevitable ebbs and flows of a service company whose most important assets are its people. But if you are doing what you love in a collaborative learning culture, finding challenges and successes every day, working with people whom you trust- you navigate the high and low tides together. The continued growth of our industry and the capacity of Point It to adapt to a dynamic environment with changing needs and innovative technology always impresses me. Our company really is about our people; we work hard, we play hard, all while valuing each other’s skills and talents.  We learn. We grow. We deliver results. Rinse and repeat. It appears easy, but it’s definitely not common.  Anything but common.”


Jon Lisbin, Point It’s Chairman & Founder looked back and shared-

“It’s really pretty exciting to be at a company that consistently grows and thrives.  I used to be jealous of other SEM’s that rocketed out of the gate in the early days of digital media.  Many of those companies have since flamed out.  Point It, however, has grown steadily and continually improved throughout its fourteen years of existence.  I believe this has made us a very strong company that is well positioned for the long run.

I feel very lucky to have an incredibly talented executive team leading the company, and I am so proud of our client managers, who put their hearts and souls into getting results for our clients day in and day out.  Helping other companies succeed was my biggest thrill when I started Point It as a sole proprietor, and seeing this same passion become part of Point It’s DNA is very special indeed.”


Our president, Frank Coyle succinctly summed up what Point It is all about when he said- “At Point It, we are all about getting results for our clients, and from that comes company growth. A big thanks to everyone at Point It for all their efforts in our success.”

Tim Mohler About the author

Tim Mohler is a cross-channel marketer, developing digital, social, and content marketing campaigns for Point It Digital Marketing. He believes brands should engage consumers in unexpected ways, adding value while creating measurable results. He has an MBA in marketing and finance, and a decade of experience promoting Fortune 500 brands across industries including travel, technology, retail, media, banking, and QSR's. He also serves as VP of Partnerships for the Puget Sound American Marketing Association.

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