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Here are more mobile stats than you can shake a stick at. Truth is, for most marketers, it’s painfully obvious you can no longer ignore the growth of this medium. According to eMarketer, mobile advertising ad spend is projected to top 1 Billion in 2011, which the growth rate plummets to a meager 48%. Looks like in 2014 the “mature” industry is projected to top 2.5 Billion with a growth rate of 25%.

Mobile Spending

Even more interesting, both mobile display and mobile search will be outpacing text messaging by 2012, which I’m sure is music to the ears of Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt, who’s Android platform is “hugely profitable”; not to mention display networks such as millennial media, Jump Tap and the entire ecosystem of mobile app and website developers.

US Mobile Ad Spending

We can give credit to the iPhone as the catalyst of this phenomenon. Going forward, the devices are quickly morphing into IPads, Samsung’s new 7” screen and the race heating up. Naturally, Jobs was a bit condescending declaring the new Samsung DOA. I think not, especially since developers will need to build apps for all major platforms and the Android tablet devices will surely gain the same ground that their cell phone siblings did on the big Apple.

The question is where will you fit in this ecosystem? You certainly don’t want to be caught flat footed. As a marketer, you need to start giving that some serious thought.

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