Funnel.IO – Product Review

Funnel.IO – Product Review

Rating: 4.5/5

Funnel.IO is a great tool for the savvy Internet marketer – the value you receive for a comparatively low price (starting @$150/monthly) is largely unparalleled for automation providers. Funnel provides clear, internal or client facing reporting (and dashboards) that are easy to build and share. Cross-channel collaboration is facilitated by a straight forward API that connects you to everything digital across SEM, Display, and Social. Funnel provides a simple solution to efficient reporting and data analysis for clients – below is a brief breakdown of some very useful features.

  • Data Import Capabilities:
    • Funnel allows you to connect any advertising account – covering the gamut of network options. From affiliate to content, email, DSPs…the options are endless.


  • Metrics:
    • Funnel comes with out of the box ad platform metrics. Additionally, you have the option to create custom metrics – pretty slick. If you import your view of Google Analytics, you’ll be able to easily view (and report on) your regular KPIs including overall performance, goals, and traffic quality across channel.
      • Ad Platform Basic Metrics:
        • CPC
        • CPM
        • CTR
        • Clicks
        • Cost
        • Impressions
          • Creating Custom Metrics!


  • AdWords/Analytics:
    • Funnel reports on all AdWords and Google Analytics metrics that you’re accustomed to viewing in the platform UI. This includes, but is not limited to:
      • E-commerce Metrics
      • Conversions and Goals
      • Traffic Quality:
        • Sessions
        • Visits
        • Bounce Rate
        • Page View
        • Users
      • Cost/Click Data:
        • Cost
        • Impressions
        • Clicks
        • CTR/CPC/CVR/AP
  • Dashboards & Reporting:
    • The main purpose of Funnel – streamlining data aggregation and performance analysis. Particularly useful for cross-channel clients, Funnel allows you to create an unlimited amount of Dashboards (e.g. one unique dashboard per channel, one dashboard for aggregate performance) that you can share – or not – with your clients and team members. Funnel comes with a handful of pre-defined widgets you’ll undoubtedly find useful in both reporting on and displaying (charts) data for your accounts!


  • Report Center:
    • A very useful feature, Funnel allows you to publish and share your Dashboards with clients by adding them to the Report Center. The Report Center will convert your Dashboard into a clean and professional PDF with the ability to add your client’s logo. Again, the time savings for client managers cannot be overstated.
  • Notable Limitations: Like any automation platform, Funnel does lack a few features that undoubtedly prove useful in the day/day management of any account. IMO, here are the 3 biggest gaps:
    • Ad Level Reporting – doesn’t exist. Unless you’re running a single piece of creative per campaign (which you shouldn’t be), you’ll need to supplement Funnel with an export out of AdWords.
    • Campaign Level Reporting – nada. The size of the headache here really depends on the client – I’m not a proponent of providing campaign level reporting (especially if your account is large), but some clients do persist in having access to this level of data.
    • Funnel Reporting – somewhat ironically, Funnel does not provide funnel level data. Though you can analyze Analytics base metrics such as bounce rate, visits, and users, you’ll need to turn to Google Analytics to analyze your conversion path, path length, and so on.


Funnel is a great tool, with notable exceptions. The plausibility of using the tool depends entirely on the sophistication of your account and client. For small to medium businesses, Funnel provides an out of the box reporting solution that will alleviate client management time and easily improve your analytics across channel. For the price, you can’t beat it – and with a free 30-day trial, there’s no reason to not test the platform!

Dustin Lewis About the author
  • Thank you for your kind words and feedback. We at Funnel truly appreciate all feedback and improvement suggestions!

    Head of Growth at Funnel

    September 28, 2016 at 9:03 am

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