Market to the Max: Future of Search Panel

Great panel discussion at Market to the Max yesterday. The conference was held at Bell Harbor Conference Center and had a couple of hundred tried and true marketers walk through the door.

I hosted yesterday’s panel on the future of search and quickly brought the audience up to speed on the history of paid search, reminiscing on the “good old days” of open bid auctions and bid jamming. How many of you remember those days. It was really not too long ago. Over the last few years, with a closed bid system and Quality Score factors, PPC has become much more like SEO.

That said, I introduced the other panelists; Mary O’Brien who runs the PPCSummit trade shows, Jeff Nienaber from LocalMarketers, Lisa Coffey, product specialist at Google and Dan Sundgren from PeopleFinders.

Mary postulated why Microsoft and Yahoo need each other. The question was asked if Microsoft buys Yahoo, what portion of their business would be. The talk has been around the search portion only, but would Microsoft buy a single division which isn’t a profit center?

Lisa went over her view of Universal Search, which was interesting in that the SERP page will likely incorporate a variety of results not currently there; so as social media. What change will this have on PPC and Google’s revenue model is to be seen.  She did caveat that this was her view and not necessarily what the future holds per Google corporate.

Jeff gave the local POV, highlighting the opportunity with mobile search. Of course, we all know the promise but Jeff thinks it’s already being fulfilled. There was agreement that it’s all dependent on the platform (device) and how the IPhone has taken us a big step in the right direction.

Finally Dan Sundgren entertained the audience with his insights from a former Googler.

Sorry, I was a little too busy moderating to take accurate notes, but just wanted to give a quick recap. I dare say this was a good day for Seattle search having such a qualified group of search experts on one panel.

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