Getting Out of The Marketing Comfort Zone

In 2016, we helped two of our clients step out of the “marketing comfort zone” with awesome results. The year began with a move to a “digital first” mindset by our client PEMCO, a North-West insurance company. Their radio ads are iconic, and for years they had relied on traditional offline marketing. The PEMCO marketing team realized that their target audiences were changing, and to succeed, they were going to have to meet them where they hung out – in the digital world.

PEMCO Success

Although PEMCO had been doing paid search for a number of years, they realized that wasn’t enough and when we sat down with them and discussed a holistic view that encompassed several digital channels, they decided to go all in. By year end, PEMCO was actively marketing with Paid Search, SEO, and Paid Social. The results were fantastic, and we’re looking forward to another great year. One thing I admire about PEMCO is that they were prepared to move out of their marketing comfort zone. For some clients it’s hard to let go of techniques that have served them well for years. I get that, but at some point you have to try something new.

Programmatic Advertising

The second case involved a client fully embracing Programmatic Advertising. One of our clients was already very active in display. They had been working with the digital arm of a local newspaper and were happy with the results. We saw that there was a much bigger opportunity for them using Programmatic. They agreed to a small test and quickly saw promising results. Over the course of the next few months, they shifted a significant amount of budget to Programmatic and the great results continued.

We sat down with another client in November to develop Programmatic campaigns for Black Friday through year-end. By Cyber Monday, with only a small portion of the budget used, the results had already exceeded the year-end target. The client was more than happy to find more budget. The results continued to be fantastic, so much so that a couple of weeks later they found even more budget.

I’m confident that we are going to see more clients invest heavily in Programmatic this year. It feels to me like it was back in the early days of Adwords. An exciting new channel opening up new ways for our clients to grow their business. At Point It, we are all about getting results for our clients. It’s incredibly satisfying to help our clients grow. I hope to see more clients moving out of their “marketing comfort zone” in 2017 to enjoy the kind of results these clients achieved.

What’s Next?

If you’re interested in hearing more about PEMCO, feel free to listen to our podcast interviewing PEMCO marketing leadership after the win of a coveted PSAMA Pulse Award! It’s a lively exchange I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

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