How To Get Started with Adwords Scripts

What are Adwords Scripts

Back in early 2012 Google announced the released of a new API called Adwords Scripts. Why this announcement was so huge is that it meant that anyone with an AdWords account can use JavaScript instead of the Adwords API coding language to automate tasks (like pulling data or making changes to items) within their account. The Adwords API was difficult to code against and essentially meant that if you wanted to automate something you were going to have to pay a premium to have the development completed. With javascript and the Scripts API it is a much simpler process and virtually anyone who can copy and paste can utilize the pre-written scripts to help with some basic account automation. Over the last three years Google has expanded the capabilities within the Scripts interface and there is now a well developed community of users who have written scripts that you can utilize today.

How To Use Adwords Scripts

To get started with Adwords Scripts in less time than it takes to brew a cup of coffee do the following:

    1. Login to your Adwords Account through a web browser
    2. Navigate to “Bulk Operations” in the right hand menu


    1. Select “Scripts”
    2. Click the “+Script” button to Create a New Script


    1. Name Your Script
    2. Copy and Paste code into the editor pane
        Here is a very simple sample script that you can test that will pull your top 10 keywords by click!


function main() {
var keywords = AdWordsApp.keywords()
.withCondition(“Status = ‘ENABLED’”)
.orderBy("Impressions DESC")
Logger.log("10 keywords with most impressions yesterday");
while (keywords.hasNext()) {
var keyword =;
Logger.log(keyword.getText() + ": " +



  • Authorize the script access. This has to be done for every new script. Don’t worry!
  • Select the “Preview” option.
  • Watch for the results! If there are no errors in the preview, “Run” the script


Here is what that looks like in the actual Scripts Editor Pane through the web UI.

Good Luck and Happy Scripting!

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