Remarkable Remarketing – Tips to Improve Your Google AdWords Remarketing Campaigns

Remarketing campaigns are relatively new on the scene but their impact on AdWords campaigns has been undeniable. Any advertiser looking to boost their existing performance has most likely embraced these but are they doing it properly? In our July version of Remarkable Remarketing we’ll look at a handful of best practices to follow:

1. Back to Basics:

Instructions and best practices to get you started

  • Google AdWords Tagging 

    The tag for AdWords Remarketing can be found in your Shared Library under Audiences. From there you can select the ‘View Remarketing tag and instructions’ option to retrieve the code. The code will then be pasted across the website before the closing </body> tag.

  • Google Analytics Tagging 

    Google Analytics can be used in tandem or in place of the AdWords Remarketing tag. Requirements here are pretty straight forward – ensure Google Analytics tracking code is present across the site, link your AdWords and Analytics accounts, and ensure all applicable opt-ins and permissions have been accepted.

  • Audience Basics & Best Practices

    List creation is key in successful Remarketing campaigns. An advertiser will want to create lists targeting certain actions or behaviors a user has completed on their site; this can include visiting a certain page or pages, remaining on the site for a defined amount of time, or leaving the site from a shopping cart or form page without completing an action. Another important list to create is a Converter list. This list includes users that have completed a goal or action and can be used to exclude people from Remarketing campaigns or to target them for cross or up-sells.

  • Frequency Capping 

    This is the practice of limiting the number of times an ad appears to the same user. Toggling and testing the settings here is very important to the success of your campaign. An advertiser will want to ensure they are showing enough but not inundating or annoying a user with the same message.

2. Understand Your Options: 

Learn about different types of Remarketing campaigns

  • Standard

    This feature allows advertisers reach users that have visited their site and target them across the Google Display Network with relevant ads. Users are grouped into lists and can then be added as an audience in preferred campaigns.

  • Similar Audiences

    These lists are automatically generated by Google and are based on the membership traits of your existing visitor lists. By segmenting users that have shared interests and behaviors an advertiser is able to reach a much larger, but qualified pool of potential customers.

  • Dynamic Remarketing

    Ramp up your Remarketing campaigns with Dynamic Remarketing. This allows an advertiser to show previous visitors an ad with the exact product or item that they viewed on your site.

  • Remarketing Lists in Search 

    This feature allows an advertiser to target previous visitors through search campaigns on the SERP rather than across the Google Display Network. This allows an advertiser bid on keywords that they might not have bid on because they were too broad or generic. An advertiser can also bid on keywords more aggressively or serve customized ad copy in their RLSA campaigns because they know that their audience is more qualified than standard search campaigns.

3. Not Just for Non-Converters:

Other ways to leverage your Remarketing lists

  • Up-sell and Cross-sell to the most qualified of customers 

    Remarketing provides the ability to target users that have already completed a goal or purchase. The follow-up messaging could be crafted to encourage a purchase of an accessory, warranty, or other add-on.

  • Engage Cart Abandoners

    This may be one of the most powerful feature of Google AdWords Remarketing. This tactic allows advertisers to create a list of users that have abandoned their shopping cart without making a purchase.

Thank you for taking the time to read and we hope this has been helpful in starting your Remarketing efforts. Look out for the next edition later this summer!

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