Google Analytics Filters – working again!

In Google Analytics, if you’re using advanced filters that use custom fields (i.e. for pulling in raw queries), you probably noticed a lack of data over the past few months (we saw it from January 9 – March 10).

We noticed the return of raw query data in our reports on March 11th, so Google has apparently fixed the issue!

Speaking of raw queries, if anyone needs the filters, check out this posting from GA Experts.

For an alternative to creating filters, check out this solution from ROI Revolution. It uses a script instead. This method also allows you to track conversions by raw query, but the downside is that you must use the User Defined Field.

Finally, don’t forget about the Search Query reporting available in AdWords. Since you can track conversions by search query, this can be a useful (although limited in comparison) way to add keywords/negatives.

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