Google Chrome & You

Just thought I’d share some initial thoughts about the new browser from Google.

1. Most intriguing is that it loads pages incredibly fast. I’ve been experiencing more crashes with Firefox lately and IE always seems to run slow. Chrome seems very fast and stable which is really all I ask from a browser.

2. It’s got a very streamlined look and feel. To me IE suffers from the typical MSFT bloat-ware-itis of everything they produce.

3. The “omni-bar” is pretty cool. There is no longer a search window and an address bar. They’re now one.

4. Tab browsing – pioneered by Firefox and adopted for Chrome. Dynamic tabs take the concept further. Dragging and dropping tabs is innovative but I’m not sure how much I’d have missed it if I didn’t know it was possible.

5. Importing bookmarks from Firefox took two clicks and maybe 2 seconds

6. You can watch the press conference for a lot of techie stuff that sounds cool but I only care if it works.

Worth checking out if interested in the latest offering from Big G. The engineers speak to this in the press conference but I believe Chrome is Google committing to “the network is the computer” concept where the browser becomes the common access point for applications and information. Microsoft is still tied to the desktop because of their operating system monopoly. Time will tell how significant this move becomes for Google.

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