Google Conversion Tracking – 30 Options

In case you were wondering how to count the ways, or more specifically conversions, check out the options from Google. Thanks to Dave for this contribution:

Can I track more than one kind of conversions?

Yes. You can create up to 30 different kinds of actions to track, each with a unique name.

You can also track different kinds of conversions using a customized performance report through the AdWords Report Center.

To create a conversion report:

  1. Log in to your AdWords account at
  2. Click the Reports tab at the top of the page and then on the Create Report link.
  3. Choose your Report Type, View, Date Range, and which Campaigns and Ad Groups you want included (where relevant).
  4. In the ‘Advanced Options’ section, click ‘Add or Remove Columns’ and then, under the ‘Conversion Columns’ section, select the types of conversion data you want included in your report. The report column display will change to reflect your selections. To further refine your results, you can set up to four data filters to screen out irrelevant statistics.
  5. Schedule your report, save it as a template if you want to re-use it, and provide an email address and file format if you want it sent via email.
  6. Click Create Report.

Your report will begin running based on your specifications and will be emailed (if you selected that option) as well as saved to your Report Center as one of your most recent five reports.

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