Breaking News from Google Summit 2016

This morning, AdWords made some exciting announcements during their Google Performance Summit event. The theme? How Google is changing their advertising platform features to adapt to a continually trending mobile-first world.Weren’t able to tune in? Below is the breaking news they shared, including some major changes to bidding, ad types, and platform features:


  • No more being constrained by mobile bid modifiers! AdWords campaigns will soon have the ability to set separate mobile, desktop, and tablet bids OR make them dependent on each other.


  • New Extended Text Ads for Search, which include two Headlines and combined Description Lines that equal an extended 80 characters
  • New Responsive Display Ads for GDN, which includes access to Native Ad inventory
  • New Local Search Ads to Display on Google Maps, which include brand logos and offers appearing directly on the surface of the map


  • New Similar Audiences for Search (via RLSA), which includes the option to find & target new search audiences that are similar to audience pools you built off your site
  • Demographics for Search Ads (DFSA) coming out of beta as available audience targeting option for Search campaigns


  • Better measurement and roll-out of in-store conversions, utilizing phone location history and beacon data to determine whether the person who searched and clicked on your ad ended up walking into the store
  • Roll-out of the newly redesigned AdWords UI, based off of Google’s Material Design (coming in 2017!)
  • Review of Google Analytics 360 & Google Optimize 360, including tag management, attribution, landing page testing, and reporting functionality, available for Google Analytics Premium customers

We’re excited about these mobile-forward changes and how to incorporating them into each of our client’s strategic PPC plans and tests. We’re also curious to get more detail as Google releases more information on timing for each of these.

What announcement surprised you or made you yell “HOORAY!”?

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