Google vs. FTC – How will this play out?

Mobile – Again.

Yes, as I have stated before in my last blog post, thoughts on mobile marketing, and I will say again – This market isn’t going away, but will only get bigger and better!  In my last post, I described and provided an overview from my perspective, the mobile market, its potential, user trends, and where I anticipated it heading. In this post, I’ll look at how one of the biggest players might get taken down a peg.

Who is now perceived to be the big bad guy?  Google.  It’s not Microsoft, nope, they were able to capitalize and get what they wanted from Yahoo. Wow, really, there are benefits of not being number 1! Now it is Google that is in the hot seat. The skinny is that Google wants to own the biggest mobile ad network, AdMob.  It is simple, Google understands the power, value, direction, potential, reach, or any other adjective a marketer can use to describe its value proposition of why they want it so bad.

Problem is, the FTC thinks this might make Google too big.

Since the announcement, there has been a ton of press based around some of the specifics of the HUGE business deal.  Google is definitely working closely with FTC so they can eventually wrap this thing up, put a pretty bow on it and call it a “beta”.

Google’s position when the deal was announced was, “we don’t see any regulatory issues with this deal, because the rapidly growing mobile advertising space is highly competitive with more than a dozen mobile ad networks.” – Google

Google is complying and they obviously feel the market has many players that can compete and own a piece of the pie.

The Competition

Within the mobile ad-network market, and even though Google appears to be the bad guy amongst this new frontier of advertising, there is definitely a “sleeper,” Apple.  Is it just buzz, or does this hip digital organization have an ad network plan of their own, with Quattro Wireless, but are they going to make a similar announcement?  How will this pivot the outcome of the due diligence that the FTC is doing currently on the Google – AdMob deal?  I guess we will find out very soon, as it is rumored that Apple has plans announce this week!

I think that this deal could be extremely positive for the industry.  The mobile market is still young and growing.  Google is fortunate to be in a place where they can take risk with opportunity and try and make something of it.   Google has proven that it is a leader and develops great products.  The anti-trust issue is always an issue; however there are other competitors that will challenge what Google is on the verge of.  What else could we see?  Is it possible that we could hear of other big announcements coming from competitors like Third Screen Media, Jumptap, or even the MSN Ad Network?

Agencies and advertisers hang on tight!  Let’s get through this, let them play ball, and then advertisers can really start exploring these new vehicles and opportunities in mobile advertising!  Eventually, after the dust settles, this space will move forward, it’s going to move FAST and it will be led by some of the industry super stars, regardless of the organization they are affiliated with.

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