How Graphiq is Changing the Search Engine Game

In my industry roundup of digital marketing industry updates, one article in particular stuck out to me because it’s not every day that a new search engine comes along, yet alone a new type of search engine.

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As digital marketers, when someone says the words ‘Search Engine’, we immediately think: Google, Bing, and Yahoo.   These engines use powerful algorithms that spit out relevant links and ads depending on the user’s search query.  But what if that search query generated something more than just links and ads.  Well, that is exactly what Graphiq has done.

FindTheBest, founded 6 years ago, was started on the premise of delivering user-friendly comparison tools, from universities to homes to computers, through their vertical search engine.  Several days ago FindTheBest officially relaunched and rebranded to Graphiq.  They are taking on the rather daunting task of structuring the world’s knowledge and packaging it into consumable visualizations called Graphiqs.  The visualizations in their knowledge graphs are interactive and easy to interpret.  Graphiq’s success through these graphical displays stems from the interconnectedness of various data sets into one graph, which can then be used by press or researchers.  However, they also take this one step further by allowing users to customize the graphs to their own desires.  With Graphiq Plugins, users will also be able to integrate the graphics into WordPress seamlessly.

Users can now search Graphiqs containing visualizations ranging from Stephen Curry’s shot chart to maps depicting where various Game of Thrones houses would rule in the United States.  With over 10 billion visualizations, Graphiq’s launch definitely will change the game for researchers and content marketers, by providing easy to interpret, interactive, and live-updating graphs compiled from multiple data sources.  By providing these graphs for free, Graphiq will increase customer awareness, and in the future generate revenue off charging for additional features.


Graphiq stands out from competition in more ways than one.  Whether it’s the integration of various data sets, it’s customization, or it’s free plugins for WordPress, Graphiq’s launch has definitely shaken up the search engine field.

With a team powered by Kevin O’Connor, previously co-founder of DoubleClick, Graphiq’s launch will without a doubt have an impact on content and digital marketing.




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