A Few Helpful Tips when Transitioning onto an Existing PPC Account

It’s inevitable.  While it’s ideal to work with the same client for years at a time, as paid search marketers, we sometimes are gifted a brand new client account. Whether it be a new account to an agency, taking over for someone leaving the agency, or just a simple switch-up of responsibilities, transitioning on to a new paid search account should be something we grow familiar with. That being said, here are some helpful tips you can take to help make the transition on to the account as smooth as possible.

If possible, talk with the previous account manager – if this is an account that you are inheriting from someone else in your agency, take the time to sit down with that account manager and pick their brain about the account. What have they currently been working on? What KPIs are important to the client? What has been a struggle? What has worked well? Find out all you can from this person to help make the transition easier on you.

Similar to above, if possible, get on an intro call with your new client and the previous account manager – again, if this new account is being given to you from someone leaving the agency or moving responsibilities, see if you can join one of the last calls or set up an intro call with the previous account manager and your new client. It is a good way to get your foot in the door in getting to know your new client with someone who has already been a relationship with them. It makes your initial correspondence with your new client that much easier and more natural.

Do your research – this one is pretty straight-forward. Who exactly is the client you are about to acquire? Take a look at their AdWords and Bing accounts. Browse their website. What are their services? What are their products? Any obvious competitors? Become familiar with the client’s company as a whole so you have a better understanding of what it is they do before you even start to build the relationship with the client.

KPIs – What are they? While you may have the chance to sit down with the previous account manager, in some cases, you may not. Figure out what exactly your client wants to measure. What do you think is the best KPI for this client? Should you be aiming for a certain cost per lead? Maybe a certain ROAS? Talk with your new client and figure out what’s best and optimize from there.

Audit, audit, audit – get down to the nitty-gritty of the account. Audit the account’s settings, keywords, ad copy. Are they taking advantage of ad extensions? Flexible bid strategies? Are all the URLs working properly? What about conversion tracking? Take the time to do a thorough, complete account audit to ensure you are starting off on the best foot possible with the account. It’s better to find issues right away than run into them 3 months down the road. Even though this process may take you awhile, it should be a necessary step when inheriting a new paid search account.

There are many other things one can do in order to get to know their new paid search account and/or client, but these are a great starting point. What are some other tactics you all use when taking on a new paid search account?

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Erica is a Senior Client Manager at Point It and has been working in paid search and paid social for a total of about 5 1/2 years. When she's not optimizing PPC accounts, she enjoys hanging with her dog, Gunner, hiking, cooking, and trying new restaurants.

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