How PPC + SEO Build Brand Awareness


Google and Bing are constantly striving to provide the best results to a searcher’s query. From a searcher’s perspective (and the engines) they are looking for the most trustworthy and authoritative resource.

When looking at how the psychology of search, it is important to keep in mind that every person is different and each search query contains an intent. For example, if someone is using “How” in their query, they are looking for an immediate resolution.

By understanding the mindset of the searcher when they use how, what, why, when, and where will not only help increase Brand Awareness (if matched accordingly with a Paid Search Ad but also ranking Organically) but will also help increase Click-Through Rate.

Brand Awareness

A study conducted in 2013 by Google and Ipsos MediaCT found an overall 6.6pp (percentage point) increase – or 80% lift in top-of-mind awareness.

CTR percentages for PPC + SEO


Click-Through Rate

On average, when an Ad & Organic result are shown together, there is an average of 26% CTR. Whereas if an Ad only is shown for a query, there is an average click-through rate of 19%. Various percentages have been thrown around over the last couple of years, but the data also depends on the vertical, user intent and whether brand name was included in the search or not.

Identifying Keyword Gaps

How does one go about knowing which keywords to optimize for an AdWords campaign versus Organic? There are three good resources for understanding what keywords / queries to target: Google AdWords and Google Search Console.


If you are running a PPC campaign for a client or are able to gain access to their AdWords account, this will be some of the most valuable information available. Located under the Dimensions tab, select the View: drop-down and click on Paid & Organic. Select a date range of about a year (depending on the client) to ensure enough data to analyze. After doing that you will get a table like the one below that can be exported.


Google Search Console

By linking Google Search Console to Google Analytics, you will be able to gain insights into keyword level data and pair that with click-through rate and conversions that will surface opportunities for both Organic and Paid Search optimizations.

Much More…

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Sean Van Guilder has been helping businesses get found on the internet for over 20 years. He has a 10,000 foot view of digital marketing that helps shed light on SEO as a business driver.  Sean has worn almost every digital marketing hat out there and brings strategies and tactics that have knocked the socks off of companies such as Microsoft, MSN and WONGDOODY, to name a few.  Currently, Sean is leading the SEO Practice for premier digital marketing agency, Point It, in Seattle.  Sean is a self-taught digital marketer and loves every minute of it.  When he’s not in front of a computer, he’s teasing his co-workers, playing sports, hanging with his kids, making music and collecting HO scale trains.

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