Snippets from Internet Strategies Forum – Portland

Caught the Internet Strategies Forum in Portland 7/23/09. The following are some notes from the forum that is targeted towards “Internet Strategists”.

Katherine Durham – VP of Marketing, Imaging & Printing Group, Americas (nice title) Helett-Packard


Today ½ of the top 10 sites are social media sites.

Mobility is extremely powerful when new apps are exploding for mobile phones.

160Mill spend on mobile marketing, expected to grow to 3 Billion by 2013; so don’t miss the boat dude.

87% would rather trust a friend than see a critics review. Negative reviews can convert at a higher rate than positive. The things others don’t like can compel you to purchase as a gift for instance.

What HP does with it:

Not just making social media an afterthought. It’s on the web and out there. You’ve got to commit. Can’t be in and out. Leave room for experimentation or get left behind.

Must integrate cross channel shopping. Online is research for In-store, so those experiences must comet together well.

Showed examples of consumer created content (tv ads). Didn’t have a well thought out media plan. Current TV did well on broadcast. Didn’t do too well on social media sites. They recently opened up a facebook campaign and plan to direct people to their site.

Almost every business group in HP is using Twitter. They found each other and are now crafting the long term strategy.

They shifted 40 to 50% of their media online over 3 or 4 years ago. They have to do more with less. Digital is so measurable. What’s tricky is the executives like to see their commercials on TV or a big print ad in the WSJ. But they built a business case and are executing on it.

Sheila Tolle. VP Marketing Intuit Small Business Group

Power has shift from a company to an individual. The new normal is “The voice of the individual is unleashed and heard. The cost is Zero to publish. For indiviuals it’s about belonging, esteem and self actualization.

46% of small biz decision makers use social media montly to make purchase decisions (Jupiter Research). Everything is up and to the right about people using Social Media. So it’s not a fad. If you think you’re in control; think again.

Asked audience to search on Microsoft in Google to see their “real” homepage. It’s not pretty.

How to avoid the “professional haters’, those who are going to bash your organization no matter what you do. It helps to personalize your social media. For instance, add your picture to your twitter postings to humanize the experience. Not just a logo of a big corporation which is an easy target.

Don’t be reactive. Pre plan how you would respond to negative comments. Make sure you have consistency with your answers. If you’re not, it will look like a cover up.

How do you keep up with “river of news”. One person’s full time job is social networking monitoring. They have also set up a social community online with a distribution list, so they can comment on response. Huge community helps monitor, respond and collaborate. Everyone wants to be involved, so give them the opportunity within the company.

Lisa Welchman – Welchman Pierpoint

Johan Jervoe VP of Creative & Digital Marketing Services IntelCorp

Revolutionary developments

  1. Broadband and Access,
  2. Cost of Digital Storage and Integration
  3. Processors and Processing performance.

Created Democratization of Content Creation and influence.

Consumers are now in control. “I decide how I get information”.

Old model doesn’t work anymore. Have to take whole system into account.

Used Youtube Fast Food Freestyle as an example of user generated content that would never have been developed by an ad agency.

Intel Star

Leadership Actions building trust leads to customer advocacy.

Get everyone to the table and get holistic attitude towards consumer engagement.

Lines between creation and consumption will continue to blur

  • Know where you’re going.
  • Understand your consumer (and their insights)
  • Do less things better and deeper.
  • Think big, start small, grow reapidly.
  • Differentiation is as much about doing things differently as it is about doing different things.



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  • Using social sites as an internet marketing platform has made it less personal. It is quite annoying to see internet marketers posting all about business. These exerps from the forum are helpful. Thanks for sharing.

    July 25, 2009 at 3:22 am

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