Know Your Limits – AdWords Review

Have you seen this scary fatal error message box in AdWords Editor?

Trying to post important changes on a massive account at 5pm and you see this thing, can drive you bananas. Trust me.

It’s been awhile since I’ve done my AdWords Professional certification so I kind of forgot what the current account limits are.   Maybe you need a review too.

Straight from my Google rep:

· 100 campaigns per account

· 10,000 ad groups per campaign

· 5,000 keywords per ad group

· 50 ad text per ad group

· 1,000,000 keywords per account

Happy uploading!

BTW- I got the message because I was trying to add too many kws to a new ad group (over 5K).  Too many tail terms and too many of those new modified broad match variations…which I’m so super excited about!

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