Kumo you, Google

If you haven’t heard about Kumo, congratulations. You are among those very few search marketers who actually get to take long vacations. Well, here’s the update.

As everyone knows, Live.com has been trying to catch the same train as Google for the past decade – only to end up with a little over 8% of the market. Now, this may be about to change with kumo.com. The domain was bought back in 2008 that is now being used to test the demo of Microsoft’s new search engine, Kumo.
Now, Kumo is separate from another search tool offered internally by Microsoft Research. Named Viveri, the tool uses Live Search in combination with new visualization and vertical search technologies. Take a look for yourself by visiting  http://urank.viveri.com

Unlike Viveri, Kumo may  be rolled into live.com and not introduced as a new search site. But of course only time will tell what happens to both.

Kumo is promised to have a smarter indexing system, capable of understanding entire sentences and semantics of individual words and word combinations. Microsoft is betting on better accuracy, but how many times before have we seen big claims followed by even bigger failures.

Developing a search engine and making it popular takes a lot of work. Since Google’s launch in 1997, they’ve gone a long way to keep their engine number one on the market. More so, Google has become a verb of its own, yet we never say we’ll “msn it” or “live.com it”.

If you are curious about Kumo looks, here is a screen shot:

Microsoft Kumo

Now, should you be excited? It is your call. I reserve the right to keep Googling it but have to admit that when it is rolled out to the general public, I will click through for a test drive. But I am positive you should not expect any exciting new features. The name that nobody likes may be all we get. Oh, and a new logo.

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