Seven Ideas You Can Test on your Landing Page

Whether you already have a taste for landing page optimization or are just starting to develop it, consider these testing ideas for improving your landing pages and getting higher conversion rates for your customers.

1) Forms

There’s always room for improvement here. Poorly constructed and unreasonably lenghthy forms are still surprisingly common and can easily be a deal breaker.

Optimize your form to allow:

a) the input cursor to hop to the next field after a user fills out the current field;
b) the user to tab around fields
c) auto-populated fields where possible

2)  Headlines
There is no perfect headline. That’s why it is so important to test multiple headlines, especially if your landing pages target different audiences or geographies. Chances are, what works for Washington does not work in Michigan.

3) Page Copy: long versus short
It seems common wisdom in the direct marketing world that longer copy beats shorter copy. With landing pages, there’s no definite answer. Test it to see what works for your page!

4) CTAs, or Calls-to-Action

There are two strong opinions among marketers and both sides have great arguments: multiple calls to cction or one call to action? Test this out, but make sure that the primary call to action is always above the fold!

5) Buttons: Size, Text, Color
It is impossible to optimize the page without button testing. Big buttons typically favor over small ones, just like red typically wins over any other color. Yet to find your perfect combination test it out. Be sure to take baby steps and test one thing at a time, or you will risk not knowing what exactly worked the magic.

6) Testimonials
The typical answer is the more the better. But if you take a step back and really give it some thought, is more really better? Testimonials can build trust but they can also question credibility. Choose the testimonials carefully and add them in moderation. But always remember that unless you test it, you will not know if they are good or evil for your conversion rate.

7) Images
Testing image appeal is always fun but look outside the box and do not test one stock photo against another. Take it to a new level by testing stock versus amateur: multiple studies show that users favor amateur images over stock photography.

Happy testing!

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