Location, Location, Location: Google AdWords Update

For most advertisers, geographic targeting is one of the most important elements of reaching the correct audience. Google announced this week that they are integrating their Maps capabilities with AdWords to enhance the features of location-targeting for PPC campaigns.  I’ll highlight 3 important changes to look out for.  This includes a work-around to save some time when replicating location targeting.

Interface features

1. Instant results on matching locations

This generates a list of locations within your targeted location. There is an option to select all locations.  This could be particularly helpful if you’re trying to target cities within a 10 mile radius, for example.


2. Reach

Location targeting integrated with Maps is now capable of displaying the approximate reach of each location.  In areas with limited IP targeting, the reach will be displayed “Limited Reach” and the targeting will be based mostly on location intent. The reach is intended to provide estimates for comparing location targeting, not necessarily the exact population.

Location Targeting Limits

These have been increased from 300 to 1,000 locations targeted or excluded (plus 500 additional proximity targets) per campaign

Replicating Locations

There is no longer the ability to “copy” down locations in the AdWords UI to additional campaigns under the Settings tab.  This feature is particularly important for advertisers targeting specific complex and specific locations. Luckily, there is a work-around in AdWords Editor.

  1. On the campaign level, right click and copy the campaign in which you’d like to “copy” the location targeting.
  2. While still on the campaign level, select the campaign or campaigns to which you would like to “copy” the location targeting.
  3. Under the “Edit Selected Campaigns” section, look for the location targeting on the bottom right of the screen and click on “Paste” under location targeting:

Replicating Locations

Based on the original announcement, I expect that there will continue to be phases of updates as the Maps capabilities are integrated into AdWords.  Stay tuned!

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