Managing Big, Complicated PPC Campaigns Webinar Notes

I listened to this Search Marketing Now webinar sponsored by Marin Software. David Szetala (Clix Marketing) was the speaker. I think a few others listened too and maybe they’ll share what they learned in this blog.

Actually I didn’t learn that much, but basically it reinforced that we know what we are doing plus a whole lot more, when managing large campaigns. The Q&A was the best part. Like us,sounded like lots of people are using Excel docs for reporting, analysis, and campaign management notes, but he did try to say how tools such as those by the sponsor help. Had to do some promotion of course. I did jot some notes down of some reminders or things I may test.

· He did say how much really tight (10-15 or less keywords) ad groups have dramatically helped with Quality Score/bids if vary ad copy to the group. Ad copy to kw relevancy can help QS.

· Also said on top KWs to isolate match types in diff groups to test copy, because big difference in user motivation betw match types. Interesting idea to test.

· Content keywords should reflect the page type where you want your ad to appear, rather than typical user-perspective keywords.

Anyone else listen or have anything to add?


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