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Rod Brooks Tweetchat

Being customer-centric is essential for many marketers. We recently hosted our monthly #MarketingNW tweetchat on this very topic. Our guest expert, Northwest legend Rod Brooks, CMO of PEMCO Insurance shared his ideas with the participants. This post sums up our chat in case you missed it. We have even included a handy dandy Storify so you can read all the content if you wish.

This tweetchat was focused on putting the customer first to get the best results, and more importantly a happy customer. We asked the following questions and got some great responses.

Why is customer-centric marketing important for the customer and you?

Customer-centric marketing allows the customers, not the company to get what they want out of an advertising experience. The customer feels valued when their needs are thought of. The target market’s opinion matters the most. Brand loyalty grows when brands show the customer they care. Your customer can become your best marketer when they like how your company treats them.

“I’d like customers to feel so good about experience that they’ve had that they wake up and feel the need to tell someone.” – Rod Brooks, CMO PEMCO Insurance

How does an organization get to know the customer online and IRL?

It is important to listen to what your customer is telling you. We don’t mean this in a literal sense. Setting up customer profiles can help you track their wants and needs. Pay attention to what they value. Customer profiles allow your organization to compile data. Building personas and asking the right questions can help.

“A successful company has to pay attention to every aspect of the relationship. From initial awareness to advocacy.” – Rod Brooks, CMO PEMCO Insurance

Stay informed about what people say about your brand on and offline. People don’t show every detail on their online profiles. No one is that brutally honest! The value of in person conversations is high.

What brands are great at customer-centric marketing?

Customers notice brands that stand out by making them feel something. The tweetchat participants chimed in with all their favorites. These ranged from Dove, to Arby’s, to REI. The brands were listed because the respondents thought they were funny, inspiring or sincere for the customer. Customers are smart, they can tell when an organization is genuinely interested in their needs.

“That was how the We’re A Lot Like You campaign was born. By listening, hearing, and being affected by our customers.” – Rod Brooks, CMO PEMCO Insurance 

Wrap Up

Customer-centric marketing works. Draw in customers by giving them what they want. Your customer, not your organization is your focus. You will be rewarded with brand loyalty and customers advertising for you.

What's Next?

What’s Next?

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