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Ted Leonhardt

Our first monthly #MarketingNW tweetchat in February focused on nurturing creativity in a corporate environment. This post sums up our chat in case you missed it. We have even included a handy dandy Storify so you can read all the content if you wish.

Local Expert: Ted Leonhardt, Career Coach

With over 40 years of passionate engagement at all levels of the creative industry, Ted Leonhardt is known as a powerhouse of knowledge. After negotiating a favorable sale of his business, Ted went on to become Chief Creative Officer for FITCH London, the world’s leading retail and brand consultancy, and in 2003 he was appointed President of Anthem Worldwide. But, his entrepreneurship eventually led him to found his latest endeavor — a creative management consultancy. He offers coaching, event presentations, and seminars that teach effective negotiating skills for creatives to achieve their business potential by acquiring new clients, earning more money, and cultivating a fulfilling work culture. Ted’s impact: Thousands of creative professionals around the world are now taking the reins of their career trajectories in a highly competitive industry.

This tweetchat was focused on creating a positive atmosphere for an organization to thrive in. We asked the following questions and got some great responses.

Why is it hard to be creative in a corporate environment?

The culture in corporate environments is aimed at providing for the masses, not the organization. Traditional spaces are filled with busywork, red tape and hierarchical organization. Upper management might not have the same creative vision as the rest of the organization may have. Being told no, or to stay with a certain way of doing things can prevent someone from speaking out in the future. Creativity can take time. It is not always the fastest option to be creative.

What aspects of a company impact creativity?

When looking at what impacts creativity it is important to take very simple ideas into account. Size can create a strain, or be an opportunity. Large organizations can be overwhelming. A large organization can stifle the voice of an individual. The working, or creative group size is most important. The day-to-day activities and interactions impact the creative process.

“The most important size factor in regards to impact on creativity is the group size. Creatives do their best work in small groups where they feel known and appreciated.”– Ted Leonhardt, Career Coach

Another seemingly obvious part of a company is management. The management style at a company influences a creative on a personal level. The hierarchy in place must be respected, but challenged when need be. Being heard can make all the difference. It is important for all levels of an organization are invested. So how do you do this? Aligning yourself with the organization’s goals and results will create better interactions and outcomes.

How do you nurture creativity in a traditionally corporate environment?

Make it fun! Build an environment where individuals feel supported and heard. Starting the brainstorm process with others can spur moments of genius. Find ways to align company goals with employee passions. Create a great team that feeds off the creativity of each other. Lead by example when you can. Having a mentor can help nurture creativity. Seeking advice can lead to great coaching.

“A good coach listens, asks relevant questions, is genuinely interested in your well-being and a good outcome. A good coach gently suggests alternatives, and is supportive throughout.” – Ted Leonhardt, Career Coach

 Wrap Up

Corporate organizations can stifle creativity. It is up to individuals and management to nurture it. Working in smaller teams, or finding a mentor can make all the difference with creative ideas. Make the environment work for you.


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