Microsoft Budding in with Live Search

Apparently Microsoft is buying placement on HP PC’s in order to gain share? Do you think this tactic still works?

Microsoft, HP will be search partners

Seattle Times technology reporter

The next piece of Microsoft’s full-speed-ahead charge for Internet search share is an exclusive distribution deal with Hewlett-Packard.

HP’s consumer PCs sold in North America will have a custom search toolbar and Internet Explorer will default to Microsoft’s Live Search engine beginning in January, Microsoft plans to announce today.

This arrangement with the No. 2 PC seller in the U.S. is the largest search-distribution deal yet for Microsoft, which is struggling to gain ground on Google and Yahoo.

With the deal, Microsoft’s Live Search will be positioned at a valuable entry point to the Internet for millions of consumers. It also displaces Yahoo, the erstwhile acquisition target and possible Internet search partner that landed a similar arrangement with HP in 2006.Here’s the full article: Thanks Tim

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