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I don’t know about you, but I find it really helpful to write notes to myself about things that I want to remember. Not only does writing it down help me remember, but it is also great when you need to reference back to that information.

Managing the amount of accounts that we do it can sometimes get confusing when something happens in a specific account that demands my attention. Apparently the good folks at Google had the same issue as they have come up with a nifty way to create notes to yourself (or your clients) right in Google Analytics. This is a great way to present your findings to your boss, clients or just keep track of events that impacted your account.

For instance, a little while ago I noticed that one of my clients had started to see a surprisingly large increase in their organic traffic. Both the client and I were at a loss as to what had changed. In looking more closely I realized that several geographic regions had been added that we later decided we did not want to cover. By removing them we immediately saw a return to our normal search volume. In presenting this change to the client I was able to point to the dates when the changes were made, making it easy for them to see the direct cause and effect.

The snapshot below is an example of one of the charts in Google Analytics with annotations added to it.

Example of Google Analytics Annotations

To create a note, just click on one of the dots. It brings up a small pop-up under the normal info with the ability to create a new annotation:

Look how easy it is to create a note!

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