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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and love is in the air. Hopefully by now, you’ve gotten your reservations nailed down and your gifts purchased.  This year I would like to take a moment to give some recognition for a couple of my current loves in the PPC world.


The New AdWords Editor

Being new to Point It, and fairly new to PPC, I will admit I didn’t have much experience with the old AdWords Editor.  What I can say, is that I have a great appreciation for the new functions and frankly don’t know how we lived without some of these options.

  • Multiple Accounts at Once

    • Working at an agency one of the best new features is the option of having multiple client accounts open at one time. I use this feature every day and am constantly switching back and forth in accounts with ease.
  • Find Duplicate Keywords

    • This is a handy tool that easily allows the user to perform a quick sweep of any duplicate keywords in the account. You can pick criteria such as Word Order, Match Types and Location of Duplicates.

Find Duplicate Keywords

  • Make Multiple Changes

    • Bulk editing just got easier! This new feature has been so easy to implement and saved me hours when making multiple changes in an account.

AdWords Editor Multiple Changes


Trying Betas and New Features

  • In the world of digital marketing, change is ever-present. The industry always has a new tool or optimization to try.  At Point It, I am fortunate to work with clients from many different industries.  Having a broad client base gives me a chance to learn and specialize in many different products.  When new betas or features are introduced, I am always excited to begin the testing.  Whether they are small optimizations or adding in entirely new products, I love seeing these changes bring in results – because, who doesn’t love seeing their work directly correlate with success for their clients?


In summary, although I am still pretty green when it comes to PCC, I am very thankful for my new Valentine this year!

Allison Danforth About the author

Allison Danforth is a Paid Search Client Manager at Point It. When not knee deep in excel pivots, Allison enjoys kickboxing, wine, and seeing every classic rock god in concert.

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