Mobile Madness Webinar

This is a toolbox post written to give our webinar participants an opportunity to dive deeper into the content presented. This toolbox post is supporting our recent webinar with Dustin Lewis, Kelly Stickel with Remodista, and Katheline Jean-Pierre with Google entitled: “Mobile Madness: Micro-moments and Mobile Conversions”.

It seems like we’ve been saying that Mobile’s “all the rage” for a while now, but it definitely seems to have gone beyond that.  With all of the focus around mobile’s importance for brands and their bottom lines, this topic is going to be hard to ignore in the years to come.

The Resources

We’ve put together a collection of resources that we think might be helpful on your path from mobile madness to mobile magic.

Thanks for coming by!  We hope you enjoy the webinar and contact us if you have any questions!

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