More Trouble for Domain Tasters

Network Solutions was just sued by a “search expert” for domain tasting. Basically the suit alleges that their policy of holding domains in reserve for 4 days before they release them for sale was a scheme to profit from domain tasting. As some of you know, ICAAN has a 5 day grace period for people who buy domains to return them for free. Although this policy had good intentions, it’s being abused by registrars to “monitize” domains by the 100’s of thousands. The domains are “parked” on template pages full of search engine sponsored links. The resulting poor user experience not only hurts consumers but advertisers; who get poor results.

ICAAN, who’s tasked with managing the assignment of domain names is “currently mulling over a plan to implement a nonrefundable $0.25 fee in its registration process, in an effort to render the domain tasting process unprofitable.” I think the time to stop mulling and the time for action is now! Here’s the article about the suit.

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  • Interesting post.

    These parked pages are frustrating, but it seems nearly everything about this practice is.

    We’ve been forced to negotiate with squatters on clients’ behalf. Seldom is the process smooth, and a lot of time they don’t even respond. What’s the use in squatting if you aren’t going to respond to purchase inquiries?

    I digress. Like SPAM, these pages exist because people actually respond to them.

    And that won’t stop, so it’s good to see something is being done to at least curb the practice.

    Happy Marketing.

    March 11, 2008 at 11:35 am

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