What are the Real Search Share Numbers?

Having a hard time keeping the market share %’s (between Google, Yahoo, MSN, and others) straight? So are we. As with many things in this industry, the answer to the question depends on who you ask.

Efficient Frontier analyzed their own client data, and has recently published Q4 2007 US Search spend share %’s

  • Google: 76.6%
  • Yahoo: 17.9%
  • MSN: <5.5%

see the rest of the story here.

HitWise also recently published their December 2007 US Search numbers:

  • Google: 65.98%
  • Yahoo: 20.88%
  • MSN: 7.04%
  • Ask.com: 4.14%
  • Remaining 49 engines: 1.96%

Market Share Screenshot

See the full report here.

Nielsen Online shows the US Search Market as:

  • Google: 56.3%
  • Yahoo: 17.7%
  • MSFT: 13.8%
  • Others: 12.2%

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  • Jeffrey Figueiredo

    Glad you posted on this. I was thinking about this last night. Specifically, who cares what the search share is for all searches? I only care what the search traffic percentages are for what I consider monetizable searches – not “britney spears rehab” or “republican primary.” Even though some clients may be able to effectively advertise these “news-related” searches, most clients will not.

    I think the EF numbers may be some of the better numbers to look at because they are based on “share of search market spend.”

    January 30, 2008 at 3:01 pm

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