It’s Never Too Early To Start Planning For 2017

While it might be overwhelming to hear that we are actually closer to the first day of 2017 than we are to the first day of 2016, and with only 130 days left in 2016, it is not too early to start planning your digital marketing strategy for the upcoming year.

Where Do I Start?

Perhaps the most challenging parts of the planning process – getting started! One of the best places to begin is BUDGET…yes I know this can be bad word, especially since it might feel too early to even consider, but budget will dictate what you are able to do and accomplish in 2017. Do you want to expand into PLAs (Product Listing Ads)? Did you want to dedicate more money to Display? Have you been postponing trying out video because you aren’t sure if it is right for you? The good news is, most of digital marketing tools are feasible for your business. But, as with everything, it comes down to budget. Budget will dictate what you are able to do and to what scale you are able to do it. Starting these conversations early will help you to be prepared and ready to launch into 2017 with gusto!

I Have My Budget, Now What?

Okay, the not-so-fun part is done, you have your budget. But now, what do you do with it? While continuing with an already effective digital marketing strategy is generally advised, it is also good to expand and test out new areas. This doesn’t mean you should scrap everything you are doing, but building on already successful campaigns and using additional tools in the search toolbox can greatly benefit performance numbers.

A good place to start shaping where you want to spend and how much is by utilizing historical reports and past performance numbers to determine where you see the most return. This also is a good time to speak with your account managers and have conversations around performance, potential projection numbers and how you can work together to create a solid digital plan. Utilizing past data is a great indicator and starting point to determine what you are able to accomplish in the future.

It Still Seems Too Early, What Should I Do?

Starting to have these conversations around budget and what to do with said budget do not necessarily have to happen tomorrow. But, getting the ball rolling and starting to consider what will be best for you and your business can only help. With the holiday season vastly approaching, getting your budget and budget plan in place ahead of time can take the stress off of scrambling to cement a plan before the clock strikes midnight in 2017. If anything, use this time to have discussions, look at your options and make informed decisions on how you are going to make your 2017 digital marketing plan the best it possibly can be.

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