Top Tips to Start the New Year off Right!

Happy belated New Year my fellow online marketers! I hope you are all still managing to hit the gym five days a week and saving all of your extra pennies. Speaking of extra pennies, this is the time of the year when many clients have them. With the New Year as many of us know, clients have new budgets, so what do you test and where do you invest? This question will be situational of course, and depend on what KPI’s are important to your client and their end all goal. With that said, some of the tips below may not apply to everyone, but hopefully they make a few of you think outside the box and diversify your online marketing investments and strategy in 2016.

Test Bing Remarketing

If it works for Google, might as well test it for Bing, right? That’s generally my rule of thumb, and if you have some extra dollars to play with it’s absolutely worth it. Bing promised this capability to roll out last year with the launch of Universal Event Tracking and in the past few months, they’ve done a great job streamlining the UET and Remarketing setup process. Remarketing for Bing is still in its infancy compared to Google, but many advertisers are seeing performance on par with what they’re seeing in Google which is promising. Volume does seem a bit low, but we anticipate volume to increase every day.

Explore Programmatic Display

A question I get all the time (like, all the time) is “how do we acquire new customers”? If the client does not invest much in Display, or does not have a very sophisticated approach to Display, I always recommend exploring Programmatic Display. The benefit of taking a Programmatic approach is that you’re much more methodical in who is seeing your ads, where they see them, and how often. Display is a great way to get your brand in front of a lot of people very quickly, which in theory is a great idea, however you need to make sure you’re being calculated and strategic with your budget. If you do decide to explore this channel, you need to look at your individual goals, because Display is not a one size fits all program. Leverage the data you have, figure out your ideal audience, and layer on tactics to hit your audience at the right time and in the right environment.

Expand Social

Almost every brand has a Social presence, some bigger than others, but there is so much audience data available via these channels that you need to make sure you’re taking advantage of it as best you can. If you’re looking for people who are interested in what you offer or sell, you can locate and put your brand in front of these potential customers very easily. Another benefit (and a very valuable one at that) is that you can turn your existing customers into Brand advocates. The best leads are warm ones, so if you have a customer advocating for your brand, there’s a very good chance their friend or friend’s friend will look to you when they’re in the market for your offering or product. So if you have some extra dollars explore and test Social. For example, if you’re running a promotion, event, or sale, promote it! If you’re an ecomm advertiser, explore Facebook Dynamic Ads, which have been knocking it out of the park for many of our clients.

Check Out Betas

Betas roll out here and there, but if you’re not keeping your eyes peeled, you could be missing out on a gem. Make sure you check in with your agency or vertical reps (if you have them) otherwise check the AdWords blog, and make sure you’re taking advantage of betas that haven’t been heavily saturated yet. Betas again are not a guaranteed hit, but if they fit well with your strategy and you have a few extra dollars to test, now would be the time. Many advertisers have seen great success with Customer Match and interactive ads to drive app installs so if these types of Betas fit with your program, make sure you reach out to your AdWords or Bing reps for a test.

New budgets and a new year call for new strategy! Hope the tips above help and 2016 is off to a successful start!

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