New Changes in Google Shopping Campaigns

Earlier this month, Google announced changes in the way promotions are handled in Shopping Campaigns.  Google is moving away from user created “Promotional Text” to “Automated Text”.  Google will be retiring the Promotional Text extension on September 30th in order to pull an automated version.   This new change will create a more uniform look and feel to the shopping pages.

Promotional Text vs. Automated Extensions:

  • Promotional Text: Similar to a callout extension in Search, this extension highlights information about the store or product such as “Free Shipping”.
  • Automated Extensions: Automated extensions will pull free shipping and price changes automatically from your feed to add below your Product Listing Ad.

Automated Shopping Extensions


What does this mean for my Shopping Campaigns?

Once Promotional Text is retired next month, your user created promotions will not appear.  Google will instead pull data directly from your feed in Merchant Center to account for any price drops and highlight free shipping.  Make sure to check that your feed is being updated on a regular basis so Google has up-to-date price changes.


What if I want to highlight more than free shipping and price drops?

Google offers other extensions for your Product Listing Ads.  Make sure to take a look at the following and help your ad stand out to shoppers.  These require more work than Promotional Text or Automated Extensions but can really help set your ad apart.

Merchant Promotions

Merchant Promotions can help your potential customers see other promotions such as discounts or free gifts.  You can fill out the following form to see if your campaign is eligible for merchant promotions.  Merchant Promotions are currently only offered in the following countries: United States, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Germany, and India.

Merchant Promotions

Product Ratings

Product Ratings are used to help the shopper see customer ratings and reviews.  Fill out the following form to see if your products are eligible for product ratings.  These must come from a third party aggregator and are currently only offered in the following countries: United States, United Kingdom, Germany and France.

Product Rating

Google Trusted Store

Becoming a Google Trusted Store is a longer process than the two items above and requires a monitoring period of 30-90 days.  During this time Google will assess your eligibility based on shipping reliability and customer service among other items and determine if your company is able to receive the Google Trusted Store Badge.

Google Trusted Store

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