New Employee Feature: Billy Tarter, Director of Programmatic Advertising

At Point It, we think it’s a fabulous place to work. We’re a team of committed, talented, creative types who genuinely enjoy working together. In this blog series, we introduce you to some of our newest employees to learn more about how they found us and why they decided Point It was as great a place to be as we think it is.

Think you might have what it takes to be a Pointer? Check out today’s blog featuring one of our newest employees, Billy Tarter our new Director of Programmatic Advertising.

Chandra: What path did you take to your current position?

Billy Tarter, Director of Display Advertising

Billy Tarter, Director of Programmatic Advertising

Billy: I first dipped my toes into digital media in 2001 at an ad measurement firm called AdRelevance, which has since been absorbed into Nielsen. But I really jumped in all the way when I started at as a Campaign Manager and got a taste of what it’s like to work at a strong and growing PNW startup publisher. I spent some time on the agency side at Razorfish, working on the Nike account which really taught me a lot about branding on a global scale. After a 5-year stint in Indonesia teaching English (a great experience), I felt the siren song of advertising calling me back to work at Expedia’s Media Solutions group where I led a large group within the ops department before joining Point It.

Chandra: Why did you choose Point It?

Billy: During the interview process it was very clear to me that the company valued integrity and ethics, and that they were trying to determine what kind of a person I was. That meant a lot to me, and it meant that the company culture was strong. And it is!

Chandra: What are you most excited about in your new role?

Billy: I’m most excited about the chance to try new approaches and to test cutting edge technology as we work to find the best results for our clients who utilize our programmatic offerings. We’re very nimble and able to test, learn, and pivot to what works – and that quickness makes all the difference when you’re trying to outflank your clients’ competition.

Chandra: If someone wanted to follow in your footsteps, what piece of advice would you offer them?

Billy: Don’t waste any time doing work that you don’t feel good about. If you’re at the right company, you’ll feel proud to come into the office, and you’ll feel fantastic about what you’re putting in front of clients. If you feel the opposite, well… you need to find a new job.
Also, build your experience on multiple sides of the business – publisher, agency, brand, vendor – to gain a wider perspective that is so valuable when you’re trying to understand what your partners are thinking and what they need.


Looking to join an awesome team? If you’d like Billy to be one of your new co-workers, how about applying for a role with us? Check out our Careers page for more details!

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Chandra Drzewiecki is a professional career matchmaker. Networking and discovering people’s passions in life are her thing. Chandra is the Recruiting Manager for Point It where she sources, attracts, recruits and interviews potential candidates for available openings. Previously, she was a contract recruiter within the A/E/C industry primarily in the Seattle area. She attended University of Southern California where she studied Architecture, and Baker College where she graduated with a B.A. in Business Administration, Marketing emphasis. When she isn’t building relationships with prospective employees, you can find Chandra camping, hiking, baking, or at the beach with her husband and 3 kiddos.

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