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Is SEO Brand Strategy the missing piece of your marketing approach?

Is SEO Brand Strategy Your Missing Piece?

The importance of the customer-facing work that goes into brand management is clear. Your organization has likely cultivated its look, voice, and mission over time — and carefully guards those elements to maintain credibility with its customers. But sometimes all of that effort still doesn’t translate to conversions: maybe traffic isn’t coming to your website, or maybe the traffic you’re getting is brief and unproductive. Have you given any thought to how SEO brand strategy plays a part in your success?

How To Surprise Your Valentine with this Sweet Move on Google Home or Alexa and Spotify

I’m taking a break from our usual marketing blog post, cos this is cool (at least, I think so!)

I wanted to do something creative for Valentine’s Day this year, something different than the usual flowers. My wife, Patti, loves surprises, and earlier this week I came up with a beauty. All you need is Google Home or Alexa and a Spotify account that you share with your loved one.

Here’s what I did.

2018 B2B Digital Marketing Prediction Roundup: a Cat-Herding Cheat Sheet

Let’s face it—you don’t really want to read another “2018 Predictions” article.

I mean, who has time to sift through dozens of blogs and reports to find the real marketing gold amongst all the muddy predictions people are making during this time of year?

So instead of asking you to herd more cats, we’re giving you a cheat sheet to help you deal with the ones that are right in front of you.

The Death of Facebook Advertising

Was that headline too dramatic? Probably, but it’s the conclusion you would have come to if you’ve read more than one write up about the Facebook announcement regarding the news feed from yesterday. If you’re unaware of what I’m referring to, this announcement came straight from Mark Zuckerberg himself via his public figure page:

Point Taken – Weekly Industry Updates

With Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Monday, I’m sure many of you are excited for the extra day of rest and relaxation ahead. But before we jump into the weekend, here is our weekly industry round-up: it’s all Google for this week’s post, with exciting news and updates on search ads, review extensions, Google Analytics, and even Google Assistant. Happy Friday!

Point Taken – Weekly Industry Updates

Happy New Year! Let’s start the new year off right, and what better way to do that than to be on top of the latest industry news and trends? In the first industry round-up of 2018, ­we’ll be covering the recent AdWords 2x budget change, Google’s integration of third party reviews in local search results, and a couple of interesting reads on voice search and Amazon’s Alexa. Enjoy!

Point Taken – Weekly Industry Updates

Happy Friday! Not a week goes by where Google isn’t coming out with updates or news for things to come. This week is no different, as Google has rolled out changes to AdWords, Maps, and has recently stated that that AMP and canonical pages must match by February 1, 2018. Also included in this week’s industry round-up is a piece on how to steal the competition’s best keywords.