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Point Taken – Weekly Industry Updates

Happy Friday! In this week’s industry round-up we have news from Google regarding their much anticipated Mobile-First Index, as well as a brand-new feature to Google My Business. We also have a detailed look at what’s to come with Pinterest’s new ad managing platform, and a small yet interesting feature that has just been added to Bing Ads. Happy reading and have a spooky Halloween!

Point Taken – Weekly Industry Updates

Another Friday, another Point It weekly industry round-up! This week’s edition features a variety of news, from the hot topic of Bitcoin and its potential to shake up the search marketing industry, to new features rolled out to Google AdWords and Bing Ads. Also included this week is a note-worthy piece on how to make the most of Google’s recent changes to sitelinks. Happy reading and happy weekend!

Point Taken – Weekly Industry Updates

Happy Friday! Much like the leaves, and unfortunately the temperature, a lot of change is happening in the world of SEO and SEM as we enter this fall season. Featured in this week’s industry round-up are reports of upcoming changes to smart speakers, the new AdWords, and an insightful read on SEO trends to watch this upcoming year.

Programmatic TV: A missed opportunity for brands

I’m sure you’ve heard the term “cord cutters.”  It’s the cable industry’s worst nightmare.  It’s the been the number one disruptor to the entertainment industry as we know it.  This shift started with Netflix and has just grown

to the point that in 2016, one in five people have opted out of cable. When I moved in my apartment about a year ago, I certainly considered whether cable was worth the money. I only watch shows on Netflix, Xfinity, or HBO Go – why would I pay extra for channel I don’t watch? I don’t watch TV for channels, I just need to watch my shows.

Point Taken – Weekly Industry Updates

Happy Friday! In this week’s industry round-up we have a lot of exciting updates coming to both Google and Bing. These include Google increasing the number of sitelinks an ad shows, brand new features in AdWords, and Bing rolling out Dynamic Search Ads to all US advertisers. Also included this week is an interesting read on the effectiveness of phrase match keywords.

Shopping Feed Optimization 101

Those of us that have dabbled in managing shopping campaigns know that one of the most frustrating things is having disapproved products due to feed issues. And sometimes, you don’t have disapprovals but you have un-optimized feeds that you don’t have access to it. But every now and then we get feed management access. Now what? What should you look for? How should you optimize the feed to improve account performance?

shark tank helps our agency grow

How Shark Tank is Helping Grow Our Agency

One of our goals for 2017 was to grow our agency, not just financially, but operationally too.

In January, Maddie Cary, our Director of Paid Search, came up with the idea of having a Shark Tank program to meet this goal. The objective was for our staff to generate ideas to improve and grow our agency with the direction that nothing was off the table.

The Shift to Automation

Search marketing seems to be shifting from complexity to simplification.  A few years ago, the best practice was to build out campaigns very granularly, customize ad copy and separate out match types.  The goal was to have higher quality scores and more control over bidding.