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Brand Safety Basics: Programmatic Advertising and Brand Protection

A few weeks ago, I was asked to represent the Point It Programmatic team on a call with a client who was interested in revamping their display media efforts. I joined the call with a fresh PowerPoint deck locked and loaded, ready to espouse all that I know about the far-reaching capabilities of a well-managed programmatic ad spend.

But instead of getting grilled on the different tactics that we use, or how we go about bringing performance, the first question I was asked was, “What’s all this I’m reading about Chase Bank and programmatic brand safety?”. What followed was an unexpected and candid conversation about not only online brand safety, but how we at Point It, are set up to protect our clients’ ads from appearing next to brand damaging content.

Essentially, we have the process broken down into three steps:

Point Taken – Weekly Industry Updates

Happy Friday! The biggest news this week comes from Bing and their decision to end all support on their standard text ads. Also included in this week’s round-up are tips and trends to look out for in the realms of voice search, Google My Business, and featured snippets to ensure you’re staying on top of your SEO game.

programmatic advertising questions live event

Programmatic Advertising Questions Webinar Recap

Interested in programmatic advertising? You might have a lot of questions, or just don’t know where to start. Our programmatic display team presented a webinar answering frequently asked questions last week. This virtual event served as a link between those who know, and those who want to know. In this recap, I’ve put together a handy overview of what was covered. Ready to watch the webinar?  Go get “Programmatic Ad Office Hours” in our resource library!

Point Taken – Weekly Industry Updates

Happy Friday! As another week draws to a close, we have another industry round-up for you. Under the spotlight this week for Google is an introduction to Google’s new RLSA feature “Similar Audiences” and some interesting Q1 data insights for the Google Display Network .
Also featured this week: a look into the prospective future of SEO and how to utilize psychology to your advantage when writing your PPC copy.

Adaptable Marketing in a Multichannel Environment

An Adaptive Approach to Multi-Channel Digital Strategies and Tactics

The emergence of customer-centric and multi-channel approaches to connect with consumers presents a unique opportunity for marketers to “react opportunistically to emerging possibilities”, meaning digital strategy and tactical execution are no longer mutually exclusive. Long planning cycles, fraught with battles over budgets and competing priorities across departments within an organization can whittle down the window of opportunity to meet company goals.


#MarketingNW Tweetchat with Sean Van Guilder

Our #MarketingNW tweetchat features local digital marketing experts interacting with the global marketing community.  This April we focused on the intersection between SEO and content marketing for voice search. This blog post sums up the importance of voice search for content marketers, things to remember when writing content, and how to optimize for home assistant. We have included a Storify so you can check out the complete tweetchat for yourself!

Sarah Kraynik

Promoted at Point It: Sarah Kraynik

In our Point It’s Top Talent blog series, we’re proud to introduce you to some of the super-skilled folks we’ve recently promoted into new positions at Point It. As you can probably tell, we think Point It is a fabulous place to work. Our people are the reason we feel confident telling you that we’re the leaders in digital marketing today: we invest in finding, retaining, and promoting the strongest possible team to serve you. Today, we’d like to introduce Sarah Kraynik, freshly-minted Account Director with Point It, in conversation with our Sr. Manager of Marketing Tim Mohler. As well as managing some of our top accounts, Sarah is behind the launch of our Shopping Feed Management service and a frequent blog  contributor.