Point it attends HeroConf 2015

Our talented search marketing team recently attended HeroConf, a search marketing conference with a super hero theme. We love any sort of event where they combine deep industry knowledge with absurdity! This one did not disappoint. Here are the top things we learned AND loved from this fantastic conference:

Things we loved:

  • Chris Haleua. *mic drop*  But really, his session on the best and worst bid rules ever written. We couldn’t wait to get back to work and start planning new automated bid optimizations.
  • Solid swag. Who doesn’t love superhero capes and masks, specialty popcorn, t-shirts, and adult beverages?
  • Smart girls representin’. We’re a little biased on this one. Our very own Katy Tonkin and Christi Olson won the Best Session awards. Because #awesome.

Things we learned:

  • Keep asking simple questions like “what works?” to keep actively engaging site content and PPC campaigns.
  • RLSA (remarketing list for search ads) was a theme that resonated with us, big time. The take-away was to find a focus and set up a well-structured RLSA campaign so that you are getting new conversions and not taking them away from a different campaign. Also – make sure to throw out keywords that don’t perform regularly.
  • International Search, you might be doing it wrong. Credit cards aren’t universal. Language matters. International shoppers switch between English and their native language depending on where they are in the funnel. Look beyond Google, it isn’t the answer for every country.
  • Bing has stuff to offer. If you run PLAs on Bing Ads, you’ll also show rich product captions on your Bing organic listings.
    From integrating marketing automation to leveraging social outlets, the hits really kept coming at HeroConf. Maybe you can join us next year!

What’s Next?
If this looks like fun, you should be sure to join us at SMX Advanced in Seattle. We’re booth 39 and we’d love to see you!

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Maureen Jann is a veteran B2B marketer whose career in Digital Media has grown up with the Internet. A self-described jill-of-all-trades, Maureen has elevated creative problem solving to an art form and enjoys the daily challenges of driving business results in unexpected ways. Her skills as an entrepreneur, content marketer, creative director and passionate people manager set her apart from the pack. Maureen has worked in every corner of marketing making her a skilled tactical resource as well as a strategic partner. Recently, she was the captain of the marketing ship for an award-winning professional services firm and is currently creating a content marketing strategy for Point It, a digital marketing agency.

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