Point Taken – Top 5 Digital Marketing Articles of the Week

Who doesn’t love a good list? They’re organized, ordered, and to the point – perfect for a Point Taken post! This week we’ve gathered five great articles, each with their own list of advice to help you in your digital marketing efforts. Our first and favorite article of the week has 15 great suggestions to help you have the most successful year in digital marketing yet.

15 Step Guideline To Create Your Perfect 2015 Digital Marketing Strategy by Jason Parks

  • Wouldn’t we all love to have a “perfect” digital marketing strategy? From utilizing new platforms to creating relevant content, here are 15 steps to help you get the best possible results in upcoming campaigns.

12 Things To Check In Your Local Homepage SEO Audit by Chris Silver Smith

  • As one of the most important pages on a site, it’s important to ensure your homepage is at its best. Smith offers us 12 ways to maintain a healthy homepage in order to improve local SEO efforts.

4 Reasons Why Attribution Is So Hard by Jason Tabeling

  • One big challenge in the search marketing industry is understanding the value of keywords. A proper attribution model can help to alleviate some uncertainties, but it’s still tough to get right. Here are four reasons why many companies struggle with attribution and some advice on how to build a model that works well for you.

The Top 10 Best PPC Hacks … Ever! By Larry Kim

  • Kim shares with us his tried and true PPC hacks. From increasing quality score to writing ads that appeal to people’s emotions, he offers a wide range of ideas which may be worth exploring.

5 Mobile Marketing Trends to Watch by TJ Welsh

  • Mobile is quickly becoming the most important channel for marketers, with global usage rising every day. Utilizing the mobile market is as crucial as ever, so make sure to stay on top with these 5 mobile marketing trends


Be on the lookout for next week’s article round-up with more exciting news, articles, and points taken. Happy Friday, and enjoy the weekend!

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