Point Taken – Top 5 Digital Marketing Articles of the Week

It’s Friday once again, which means we’ve gathered our favorite articles of the week! We saw a healthy mix of news this week, from ideas on SEO strategy to new industry trends. However, Amazon appears in two of our articles this week – take a look and see what the internet giant is up to.

Should You Copy A Top Site’s SEO? By Tom Schmitz

  • Big sites must be doing something right – should we just copy their SEO strategy? Schmitz explains why SEO tactics of top sites like Amazon might be less relevant than we think.

Amazon Is Our Biggest Rival in Search Market, Says Google by Lee Bell

  • Speaking of the world’s largest online retailer, Google chairmen Eric Schmidt believes that Amazon is the company to watch out for. It may not seem like Google’s most obvious competitor, but find out why Schmidt is wary of the “next Google.”

Cross-Device Measurement: Believe the Hype by Jennifer Wong

  • Consumers are using mobile devices more than ever, making their conversion path much more complicated than in the past. How can we properly analyze conversions when customers are frequently switching between devices? Stay ahead of the curve with these mobile measurement and analytic tools available to marketers.

Announcing the 2014 Local Search Ranking Factors Results by David Mihm

  • Here are the results of Moz’s 2014 Search Ranking Factors survey, which gives insight into current trends in SEO. The top overall ranking factors for this year were on-page signals, link signals, and external location signals. Take a look at the full results, and see Mihm’s top takeaways.

Simple Math To Show Potential Clients Why Local SEO Is Important by Greg Gifford

  • Local SEO is an important strategy for small businesses, but what do you do when business owners can’t grasp why? This simple equation is a helpful way to show local business the necessity of SEO.

Be on the lookout for next week’s article round-up with more exciting news, articles, and points taken. Happy Friday, and enjoy the weekend!

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