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TGIF, as the saying goes! We’re here celebrating the end of the week with our favorite articles. With the recent Penguin 3.0 release, it’s no shock that search related articles swept the news this week. Therefore, it’s only fitting that our first featured article walks us through the Google update that’s making headlines.

Penguin 3.0 Born One Year After Its Predecessor by Ashley Zeckman

  • The search marketing world has been bracing for the impact of Penguin 3.0 this week. One year after the release of Penguin 2.1, Penguin 3.0 is said to affect 1 percent of search results. Take a look at Google’s recommendations for ensuring the update will have a positive effect on your website.

Existential Questions About the Future of Search by Uri Bar-Joseph

  • Speaking of changes in the world of search, how will businesses continue to optimize their online presence with so much disruption? The ever-changing landscape of search forces marketers to constantly evolve their SEO strategies. Consider Bar-Joseph’s fundamental questions that will help businesses stay relevant no matter how far into the future we look.

3 Small Paid Search Optimizations With Huge Impact by Larry Kim

  • When it comes to PPC, sometimes it’s the little things that count. Larry Kim offers a few small optimizations that may make a bigger impact than you’d expect.

30% Of Google Ad Conversions Happen On Mobile [STUDY] by Matt Southern

  • A recent study by Marin software shows that smartphone and tables account for 30% of conversions on Google ads. What does this mean for digital marketers? As consumers continue to increase their engagement on mobile devices, advertisers can capitalize on this trend by adjusting their investment in mobile ads, search, social and display channels.

How To Estimate Traffic From A Ranking Increase Using Actual Metrics, Not Generic Studies by Erin Everhart

  • While some studies can be useful (see above!), Everhart suggests that estimating traffic using your own organic data rather than generic web studies can help companies better prove SEO value. Take a look at these methods for using your own data to build estimates, and consider which one might work best for you.

Be on the lookout for next week’s article round-up with more exciting news, articles, and points taken. Happy Friday, and enjoy the weekend!

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