Point Taken – Top 5 Digital Marketing Articles of the Week

Happy Friday! This Friday we are taking a look at optimization for mobile devices.  Why you might ask? Because let’s be honest, where you used to have an imprint in your jeans from your wallet, you now have an imprint from your phone.  These articles take a look at the ways to utilize your advertising for mobile devices and how mobile trends are creating new channels of advertising!

  • Apple Pay Could Mean Shoppable Paths for Mobile Search by Emily Alford
    • With more and more people converting to mobile wallets, advertising directly into their wallets will soon to be a reality. With promo’s and special offers being just one touch away from storing them into your wallet, this new channel for advertising is the way to step up your mobile search game!
  • Finding More Mobile-Friendly Search Results
    • Google will be expanding its mobile-friendliness to be incorporated as a ranking signal. This will drastically impact search results worldwide, increasing quality of search results depending on device.

Check back in for next week’s Point Taken post with more exciting articles, news, and upcoming events! Have a great weekend!

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