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This week we take a look at articles that help with team efficiency, through the use of Google Tag Manager, improvements in communication techniques, and maintaining organization across all accounts.

  • 4 Ways Google Tag Manager Will Help Your PPC by Joe Martinez
    • If you haven’t utilized Google Tag Manager, this article discusses how this tool can help you save time and optimize accounts. For instance, GTM allows your site to target what users get distracted on through the addition of an Event Label in Google Analytics. There is also a guide that helps you get started in Google Tag Manager.
  • 4 Simple Tips for Better Client Communication by Kristine Hyman
    • Not only is it important for us to be optimizing business for our clients, but it’s also imperative to have them understand our actions through clear and transparent understanding. By always being prepared with an agenda, as well as a post call recap can remove any confusions. Read more simple tips in Kristine’s blog.
  • Improve Your PPC in Just 25 Minutes This Week by Pauline Jakober
    • Looking to save wasted ad spend? Check out this article that helps re-launch your PPC strategy through evaluating search terms, understanding conversion tracking set ups, stopping poorly performing campaigns, and more.
  • 7 Ways You Can Ensure Organization Across Your PPC Accounts and PPC Team by Jacob Brown
    • Jacob suggest seven ways in order for teams to stay organized and consistent. Some tips include: being consistent when training new employees through a company aligned training program, having common account practices through the entire agency, having go-to team members or managers that can help in a specialized topic, and much, much more.
  • How to Map Keyword Strategy to B2B Buyer Intent by Derek Edmond
    • Keyword research can completely overwhelm clients – Derek Edmond gives you tips in making all of those thousands of key words into something that your client can easily understand. A tactic he recently uses integrates the B2B buying cycle, and mapping out the most impactful key words for each level.

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