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This week in Point Taken we talk about what’s been happening within our industry and the tools given to help encourage more e-commerce traffic and strengthen keyword research strategies.

  • Google Accelerated Mobile Pages and Content: The Need for Speed by Jim Yu
    • Ever since Google launched the mobile update in April 2015, we have seen m-commerce grow three times faster than e-commerce traffic. This article talks about the importance of mobile sites loading quickly, “About 40% of visitors will abandon a site if it does not load in 3 seconds.” Google’s solution to this problem has been the launch of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). Read more about AMP and how SEO can keep up with this new tool.
  • 5 Keyword Search Tools All Online Advertisers Should be Using by Erin Sagin
    • Erin gives you a helpful guide to dominate e-commerce keyword research. She talks about five keyword research tools that will provide insights into seasonal, geographic and search-related trends. Other tools will help you identify new keywords, and weed out and select negative ones. Another tool helps connect searchers with relevant content and create customized recommendations based on past search behavior. Check out all of Erin’s helpful tools here.
  • Google Changes Impact of Ad Formats in Ad Rank by Erin Sagin
    • Google will no longer allow ads in lower positions to display more ad formats than those at the top of the page. This was installed because previously some top ads would appear with no extensions but lower ads would have ad formats. This destroys the clickability of the first ad and gives the lower ranked competitors a leg up. Now with this new formatted update, advertisers who want to be in the top position will have to create more relevant ad extensions and ensure that they are up to date.
  • How to Adjust SEO Strategy to Google’s New SERP Ad Layout by Dan Bagby 
    • Since Google has changed their SERP Ad layout, this article gives you tips on how to change your SEO strategy. Some tips include heavier keyword research including more long-tail keywords, geo-targeting your ads only if they are relevant, and reviewing your content strategy to have a SEO-friendly SERP layout.

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