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This week we talk about the direction the digital marketing is heading- from the newest social media platforms to global cyber security laws that will be changing the way search engines will operate. Check below for all your weekly industry updates!

  • When is a search engine not a search engine? When it’s Google, says the EU by Rebecca Sentance
    • The European Union is calling for search engines like Google and Bing to be more transparent on the topic of advertising within SERP. Obviously, there has been major backlash from firms such as Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Bing. However, the Commission has said they will be implementing the first set of EU-wide cyber security rules in June. For more information, read the Gaurdian article.
  • 12 Valuable Marketing Lessons from Snapchat’s Success by Tereza Litsa
    • Snapchat’s rising success and popularity has surprised many. This articles talks about how this social media platform is becoming more appealing to brands through the endless opportunities for brands to market their company to over 100 million daily active Snapchatters. Learn the tips and trends about Snapchat to start your ads today!
  • 5 Awesome AdWords Scripts for Beginners by Maddie Cary
    • Our Senior Client Manager, Maddie Cary, features 5 tools and tips for users who aren’t familiar with coding by using pre-existing scripts in AdWords Scripts. She gives step-by-step instructions on how to run your script and her top five favorite Adwords scripts to help save time. From checking Quality Score to broken URLs, these scripts will allow you to have more time on other tasks.
  • Google Makes 2 Ad Updates that will Affect Local Search Marketers by Ginny Marvin
    • Google has started to include ads in Local Finder results page. These new ads rely on AdWords location extensions, however unlike results in maps these ads will not be located with a pin on the map. Google is changing a few more things in Google Maps, check out those in Ginny’s article.

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