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Happy Friday everyone! Microsoft has been creating a lot of buzz this week with a few updates to Bing Ads and Cortana, and as always we got you covered on any industry updates that have been happening this week!

  • Microsoft blocks Google Chrome & Other Browsers From Cortana in Latest Windows 10 Release by Danny Sullivan
    • Microsoft’s newest update has mentioned that Cortana will no longer search through Google, Firefox, Opera or any other web browser that competes with Microsoft’s Edge and Bing. The reason behind this change is because Cortana was not designed to work with any other search engine. By using the competitors, it compromises the user experience making it unreliable and less predictable. Through the new integration of all Windows products, it will be able to deliver a more personalized search experience.
  • Callout and Review Extensions Now Available in Bing Ads by Ginny Marvin
    • Adding extensions at the campaign and ad group levels are now available in Bing Ads. Advertisers can now add up to 20 callouts in campaigns and ad groups, but pay close attention to the format of different callouts because they can all vary. Additionally with review extensions, advertisers are not charged for clicks on any third-party landing page. You can try all these in the ad extensions tab in the UI.
  • How Does Your Industry Measure Up On Adwords? by Caitie Gonzalez
    • These infographs from Wordstream give great visuals to compare industries side-by-side. They are catagorized by average click through rate, cost per click, conversion rate, and cost per action. See how your industry matches up to s in AdWords.
  • Maximizing Your Mobile Impact by Amy Bishop
    • As the future of digital advertising is moving to mobile, Amy Bishop talks about a few ways to leverage your mobile opportunity. Tips include: hyper-targeting your campaigns, working on micro-conversions or facilitating conversions, understanding customer preferences on your site, tracking mobile consumer activity, and using apps! Take a deeper look into Amy’s tips.

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