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Happy August 1st! Can you believe it’s already halfway through summer? Although (thankfully) the weather hasn’t started to change yet, we are seeing some changes in the world of social media. This week’s articles include emerging social trends and how to utilize these changes for success. But first, our top article comes from Will Aronson about Google’s mysterious Quality Scores.Google’s Quality Score Whitepaper Attempts To Set The Record Straight by Will Aronson

  • As one of the most influential elements of a search marketing campaign, Google’s Quality Score can impact both the cost per click and the positioning of an ad. Although they have previously remained quiet on the topic, Google recently released a Whitepaper that sheds light onto the Quality Score’s secret formula. Here are some of the key takeaways and important insights to help improve strategy.

Twitter Cards: A Quick Start Guide by Chuck Price

  • In this article, Chuck Price explains the benefits of Twitter Cards (those tweets you see in your feed that include pictures or product information). Twitter Cards help a tweet stand out and can be useful to provide extra information, display an image, or encourage conversion. Check it out, and see why Price recommends jumping on board now.

Facebook Responsible For Almost 24% of Overall Site Visits by Danny Wong

  • The 2nd Quarter 2014 edition of the Shareaholic Social Media Traffic Report revealed that Facebook is the clear leader when it comes to driver of social referrals to sites across the web. Over the past year, social media traffic referrals by Facebook have grown 150%, stealing share from Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, and Google+. Wong explains how Facebook has remained on top, and which social media platforms could be emerging challengers.

How Apps Are Changing Search Rankings by Nico Miceli

  • Recent insights from Google I/O explain how apps are changing the mobile search rankings display and how companies will be impacted. By integrating apps into search results with four new features (already live for Android users), Miceli explains how the search experience continues to become more integrated and personalized.

New Facebook Ad Targeting Lets You Target Users By Device by Matt Southern

  • Facebook realizes that to produce meaningful engagement, advertisers should have the option to target users by device. Soon, you will be able to deliver ads to users with specific devices, as opposed to targeting iOS or Android devices as a whole. This change will allow for adjustment based on high and low performing ads across devices – among several other benefits discussed here.

Be on the lookout for next week’s article round-up with more exciting news, articles, and points taken. Happy Friday, and enjoy the weekend!-      Point It.google {left:100%;display:inline-block;position:fixed}

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